Discuss how Elwood Dowd is a character of force in Harvey.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Elwood can be seen as a character of force in a variety of ways.  One such way is that Elwood does not change.  The others around him might change, such as Veta, but he does not change.  His force of will is so strong that he remains as committed as ever to how he lives his life.  Elwood's sister recognizes the need for him to not be "cured," and she changes, but he remains who he was.  Another way he is a character of force is because he refuses to take the form of the world around him, causing a certain amount of change within other individuals who come into contact with him.  The cab driver, Lofgren, and Dr. Chumley would be examples of this.  At the outset of their interactions, they see Elwood one way, but over time, their view of him changes precisely because Elwood is so different from the people in their worlds.  This is another example of the force that Elwood possesses.