Prove: `((1+1/tanx)(tan^2x - sin^2 x))/(tan^2x)=1`   Thank you

pramodpandey | Student

We have


`=(sin(x)+cos(x))/(sin(x))`          (i)




`=(sin^4(x))/(cos^2(x))`                              (ii)






May possible question not correct.

oldnick | Student

```"No true!"`

`((1+1/tanx)(tan^2x-sin^2 x))/(tan^2x)=1`


`(tanx+1)/tan x xx (tan^2 x -sin^2 x)/(tan^2 x) =1`

`(tan x +1 )/tan x xx (tan^2x- (tan^2x)/(1+tan^2 x))/(tan^2x)=1`

`(tan x+1)/(tan^3 x) xx (tan^2 x+tan^4 x-tan^2x)/(1+tan^2 x)= 1`

`(tan x +1)/(tan^3 x) xx (tan^4 x)/(1+tan^2x)=1`

`(tan x +1)(tan x)/(1+tan^2 x)=1`

`(tan^2 x + tan x)/(1+tan^2x)=1 `

`(tan^2 x +1+tanx -1)/(1+tan^2x)=1`

`1+ (tanx -1)/(1+tan^2x)=1`


then it does hold true only if tan x =1

Indeed   i.e:   `x= pi/6`   `tan x= sqrt(3)/3`    `sin x = 1/2`

`(1+sqrt(3))(1/3-1/4)/(1/3)=` `(1+sqrt(3)) xx 1/12 xx 3=` `(1+sqrt(3))/4 != 1`

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