Proteus SyndromeProteus Syndrome

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Proteus Syndrome is a congenital disorder.  It is also known as also known as Wiedemann's syndrome.  When a person with this condition is born, it is not obvious.  However, as the person gets older it soon becomes very clear that things are overgrowing.

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This is a very rare disorder (only about 120 people who have it worldwide) where a person's bones, skin, and head grow in very abnormal ways.  The most famous case of Proteus Syndrome was that of the "Elephant Man," Joseph Merrick in the late 1800s.

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The disease is characterized by asymmetric limb development, multiple cysts of parenchymal organs, bone abnormalities. Characteristics of PS is the appearance of the nevi that mimic the surface of the brain. Despite the particular morphology, it is difficult to diagnose the disease in early stages, because events do not occur immediately post-partum, but around the age of 2 years. For proper diagnosis, it has been introduced a number of general criteria and specific criteria