The protagonist in "The White Heron" changed in the resolution of the story. Describe her in the exposition and resolution to show the change. Describe the change in two to three sentences and use quotations from the story to support your answer. I know in the beginning she was described as being young, scared of people, and likened to a wretched geranium, which is in the exposition. In the resolution, she shows she has grown from a girl to a young lady. She decided that she would put nature ahead of "the money" and "the hunter," which shows maturity. But I can't seem to tie them together correctly to answer the teacher's question. 

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In Sarah Orne Jewett's short story "The White Heron," the protagonist, Sylvia, changes from a vulnerable young girl seeking approval to a strong person who knows that nature is more valuable than money. Passing over the temporary pleasures of money or momentary kindness from the hunter, she protects the white heron, as she feels that the birds and the natural world they come from are far more valuable. In a short time, she has grown from being a shy girl to one who can stand up for what she believes in.

Here are some quotes to explain Sylvia's transformation. At the beginning of the story, in the exposition , she has just begun to flourish in the Maine countryside. Sylvia "had tried to grow for eight years in a crowded manufacturing town," but it is not until she comes to live on the Maine farm with her grandmother that she can truly develop physically and emotionally. To Sylvia herself, "it seemed as...

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