What could be some points to favor the legalization of prostitution in India?

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a very difficult topic to debate, especially if you want points that favor the legalization of prostitution.

Prostitution is usually a crime as the act itself is considered demeaning to the prostitute and it is something that no prostitute would take up given a free choice. One point why prostitution should be considered like any other profession is the following point raised by a prostitute in her book

The truth for me and many sex workers I know is that we chose sex work for money, independence, freedom and dignity. If you can't understand the last word, dignity, then you are mired in a viewpoint about sex in general, and sex and women in particular, that this patriarchal society wants you to buy.

The prostitute and the customer can be considered to be two consenting adults engaging in sex. There is nothing here that is demeaning to the prostitute.

It is also essential to clearly discriminate what would come under legalized prostitution and what would be strictly excluded.

As prostitution is currently illegal, it is carried out by cartels that find ways to conceal their activities and to gain the most usually use the services of children and women who cannot resist due to various reasons. The prostitute today is as much a criminal as the customer.

If prostitution were legalized and strictly regulated, it could be ensured that only those that have registered themselves can offer their services. Customers would also not be committing an illegal act by accepting their services. They wouldn't have to approach prostitution cartels for the same and sexually abuse children and adults not willing to do the work.

Legalized prostitutes could be tested for STDs and only those who do not have any diseases allowed to continue only under the condition that they use adequate protection to keep themselves safe.

corey7 | Student

The legalization of prostitution in India (or anywhere) is a complicated and controversial issue. Those who argue in favor of the legalization speak of the ability to regulate the prostitution industry in ways that will assure protections for those involved in sex work. Such regulations can include testing for STDs, ensuring that minorities are protected from involvement, and other such measures. However, in many countries where prostitution is legalized in one form or another, such as India, the government does not have the resources or even the will sometimes to actually enforce such regulations. In effect, this means that the government is profiting off the industry without holding up their end of the bargain by enforcing the laws and protections they are supposed to be enforcing.

Another argument in favor of legalizing prostitution is that women and men legitimately choose sex work as a career path, so legalizing will help reduce the criminalization of the people who do so and essentially empower them to make that choice. Again, however, this argument comes with counter-arguments, many of which revolve around the points above. Prostitution and sex work is heavily linked to human trafficking around the globe. If there aren’t provisions in place to reduce the prevalence of human trafficking, there is no way to guarantee that someone who “chooses” sex work is actually a victim of human trafficking, and may be facing other human rights abuses that aren’t necessarily involved in their sex work activities.

abhii | Student

india will get revenue

and rape cases will be decrise

because we cant stop prostitution

who girl and boy wants to earn money

by this way they will do this

so thats i told it should be legalise

and some places where it kind activites happen

they should be declare read light area

like in bangkok and dubai also

dcrclp1219 | Student

I think that prostitution should be illegal everywhere. It is a very nasty thing. STD's are transmitted faster with having many sexual partners and i think that intamacy should be expressed with love and have deep meaning behind it, not to make money.