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Is a prospectus a proposal? I have to write one for my senior project.

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The word "prospectus" is often used to describe a proposal for an academic project, such as a thesis or a dissertation. In the prospectus, the author of the proposed work generally seeks to accomplish a number of goals, including the following:

  • Indicating very clearly the precise purpose, goal, focus, and main argument of the proposed piece of writing.
  • Indicating what work, if any, has previously been done on the topic.
  • Indicating how the writer's own work will differ from and/or build upon previous work.
  • Compiling a comprehensive bibliography of relevant sources.
  • Indicating the kinds of answers one hopes to offer to the problems with which the project will deal.
  • Confronting any possible challenges or objections to the topic itself or to the proposed method of dealing with the topic.

Numerous discussions and models of a possible prospectus are available (see links below).

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