What are the pros of having the Department of Homeland Security?

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There are several advantages to having the Department of Homeland Security. The main goal of the Department of Homeland Security is to protect Americans from terrorist attacks. The Department of Homeland Security informs the public of security concerns as needed.  They warn the traveling public when there is an elevated terror threat.  They provide advice to law enforcement officials about how to keep its citizens safe. They provide information and screening techniques for venues where large crowds will gather. They protect our waterways, railroads, and airplanes from potential terrorist activities.  They monitor our infrastructure to make sure it is free from attack. They also monitor possible threats to our security here at home and across the world. This agency collaborates with the security agencies of other countries to try to protect people throughout the world. While at times this added level of security may be an inconvenience for the public, it does help to reduce the chances of a successful terrorist attack.  While nothing can be guaranteed 100% of the time, the Department of Homeland Security has thwarted planned attacks against Americans and American interests. This department is very important to our security.

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