Is prophecy occuring in our modern times? Everyday we here many biblical & non-biblical prophecies coming to life in our modern world, from famines, plagues, rumours of wars, and even overpopulation. I wonder was these prophecies foretold by our ancestors? they left monuments that lasted an eternity everyday archaeology finds something new about our mysterious past & our entire world is changing before our very eyes as the great revelation shall be revealed in due time? Is the return of the gods imminent? Is all we know really only the beginning or will all be destroyed as an upcoming vengence upon the earth for our evil deeds. The word apocalypse only mean to unveil, but everyday we see the unseen with technology what about our future?   AS the cities, begin to burn with bright tones of red and as we see the downfall of some of the greatest empires that have ever existed upon the face of the earth. We all know in due time it shall fall unless we learn our history and do not blemish any part of it. Those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it! By: me Randolph Pierce Boyer

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I think this is a case of seeing what you want to see. This is the problem with prophecies. In literature and mythology, prophecies are usually misread. I am sure that there are some signs that match the Bible's supposed predictions, but there is no real way to tell for sure. Look what happened last time! The world didn't end, and we are all still here.
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As a primer to the study of prophecy in modern times, let me direct you to Skeptoid:

His analysis of Nostradamus is very revealing, showing how people use ancient texts to create fiction and sell books, newsletters, and other consumables based on prophecy. Today, there has been no medium, seer, or prophet with any sort of successful track record. Humans simply have no ability to see the future, and those who claim they do are either wilfully lying or delusional.

On the other hand, many people believe in some form of prophecy, even in small amounts, like Horoscopes. There is something to be said for giving people confidence and courage through the written word.

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