Prophecy happening right now? Could we be living in the end of days? Well many people whom art devout of there faith see our world as a place in deed of collapse. From the growing population over 7...

Prophecy happening right now?

Could we be living in the end of days? Well many people whom art devout of there faith see our world as a place in deed of collapse. From the growing population over 7 billion to the increase of wars and famines. To the increase of technology. All the way to the collapse of our traditions and family values. I see that we live in what the prophets foretold. I have read the beliefs of three of the worlds most powerful religions Islam, Christianity and Judaism. In Islam the end of the world begins when humans create buildings as tall as mountains and as the trumpets of the angels sound as all of humanity will be judges. In Judaism the end will come when peace will be all around the earth. Soon that peace will be broken and huamnity will be on the verge of world war three. Christianity is when the beast and the false prophet return to destroy and persecute many of the followers of god. Well these signs are pretty much happening right now. From the waters of the earth turning black. To even rivers turning as the color blood. Maybe our world is changing, but I want you all to be the Judge of our future. The question I give all of you is "what are your predictions" ? Anyone can foresee disaster all we need is to seek the truth, or are we therefore the culprit?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

People have been forecasting the end at least since the time of Jesus.  It is very hard to take seriously the idea that this time we really are faced with the end times.  Jesus said that no one knows when the end will happen, so I fail to see why people continue to try to predict it.  The world is not worse now than it was 100 or 1000 years ago.  It's not as if now is the first time that we have had all these things happen like are predicted in Revelation.  We might as well focus on issues that really have a good chance of happening, not ones that might happen tomorrow or might not happen for 10,000 years.

literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

My predictions for the world are non-existent. I figure that living in fear of what is to come is not a healthy way to live life. Instead, I choose to live thankfully for every day I am given. Without this philosophy, I believe that life would simply be to overwhelming to exist. Outside of the normal hassles of life (like bills, grading, and deadlines), I wish to not think about the "what-ifs" and simply concentrate on the gifts.

lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree with above posts that say that worrying about the end of world is not the best use of the current time we have. Live like you don't know how many days you or the ones you love have -- there are no certainties in life in regards to that, but that knowledge in and of itself can impact the way you live. It's all about the living, not the worrying about the dying.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
The thing about prophecies is that first, they can be misread, and second, they can be reinterpreted based on events as we see them. Some of it is coincidence, and and the rest is bending these so called prophecies to match actual events, so that it looks like the prophetic events are happening.
kingfuzz | Student

well, i don't really think you can be prepared for the end of the world. yes in the holy books signs were given not time. it is true that war will start happening but that has been happening since the beggining of time. many of the signs are coming true, that is true, but have they not been true way before. none of the signs are really acurate. the aztecs made huge mud buildings. exactly how tall should the buildings be. although you are right about the peace in our current world. So far, everything is corrupt. i would say that do as many good deeds as possible as the only way to prepare.




samjazael123 | Student

Actually all three religions point not to the end of the world, but the end of an age. The word Apocalypse simply means to Unveil or reveal. We live in the age of aquarius or Reason. Every 1200 years is practically a new age, yet sometimes clearly nothing occurs. The age we live in the age of reason, yet many ages have come and gone. The age of reason started basically during the Enlightment all the way through the industrialization and is suppose to end at a time where everything is too much the handle. The age of reason in Hindu mythology is alot like Christian mythology. Humans capable of destroying the ecsysystem. The Bahav Gida tells of alternate worlds like our own, yet most of the worlds not of our own where destroyed completely. The bahav gida predicts rivers turning to blood, the sun dying out, but it also tells of something good too. That good thing is much like Judaeo-Christianity which tells of the God/Gods returning to save mankind from the evil and lost within the world. Shiva is the destroyer and creator of worlds. The firmanent is the keeper of life, the people are thus the keepers of the land. Away we stand and watch of there guidance, they thus keepeth the sourness of civilzation as it crumbles as as fast as the honeycomb. Signs o' wonders in the universe so we may our path Bahav Gida:chapter 9:12-18

samjazael123 | Student

me im not actually obsessed with the end of days either, but it is something that we have to prepare for. Humans usually wait till it stares us in the face. This is why empires fall,but in a way we tend to gain knowledge as we tend to fix our problems. I plan to be a History teacher some day, and I don't want mass hysteria to occur. I do believe that we as humans must also live in the here and now, but I also think that sometimes only love of family and friends is what makes us survive. Unity is the most biggest decision today in our world. Right now in our world unity doesn't exist. Then if peace did occur around the world there will always be someone or something to destroy it. I like the idea of being able to have that feeling of we made it! That must be what some of the histories most iconic figures stated. Everyone must know there history to know prophecy. Though learning is the first step to stopping such horrible tragedies. I know how hard it is to pay the bills that I had to find a way to go to college for free for two years in the PSO program. Two years from now I have to get a pell grant. Plan to be a History Teacher. Hope the best for america's school system. We have to create the will to learn and maybe we can fix lifes problems! Hathila:coptic(bye)