How is the Prometheus myth used as an allusion throughout Frankenstein?

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Some aspects of the allusion run parallel, such as the fact that Prometheus is from an older race of gods and Zeus is from a younger race of gods, a race begotten by the older Titans. Similarly, Victor (older) creates a child of his own in the younger "monster."  Just like the Olympian Zeus and the Titan Prometheus, "the monster" is able to overpower Victor physically.  Furthermore, Zeus is often associated with lightning, his principal weapon, as is Victor's creation.  After their initial interaction during which the creature comes to life, Victor next spots him by lightning. As his creation ruins his life, he even compares himself to a "blasted tree" that has been destroyed by lightning—just as Zeus tries to destroy Prometheus.

In a different way, though, the allusion is ironic.  In one myth, Prometheus creates human beings after his brother, Epimetheus, messes up and gives all of the good qualities— strong teeth, thick hide, claws, and so on—to the other animals.  Prometheus...

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