Prometheus What would the relationship between Prometheus and Zeus be? Based on some research, I know that Prometheus disobeyed and tricked Zeus to help 'man'; his creation. Later Prometheus was punished, tied up to a rock and left to suffer day by day while a vulture ate his liver. Of course, Prometheus was immortal so he could not die, but wouldnt Zeus have sympathy due to them being related?

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In terms of "relationship," I would look at this more as to how they got along rather than how they were "related." There seems to be no connection in terms of Zeus being Prometheus' father, etc. (though it would seem that Zeus really got around).

The connection is more that Prometheus gave humans fire (stealing it from Zeus) because he felt sorry for them. This way they could have light after dark, be warm and cook their food. However, it was seen as an affront to the gods, for once mankind had fire, they were less dependent upon the gods...perhaps even more god-like themselves...or so the story goes.

And so Prometheus was punished, chained to a...

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