project on Caste and politics in india History  

fami | Student

The ideology of  social order and cultural level had always influenced Indian politics for India is a land of diverse social groups and a range of languages. This accounts for linguistic and societal issues to dominate the political set up of the country. This theory can be further justified by the fact that the currency note of the country is printed in about 15-20 languages.

India is well dominated by modern Hindus and the traditional caste system forms an essential component of distinguishing the righteous believers in Hinduism. Consequently, being a democracy the Indian government is bound to keep a notice of the multiple requirements of the citizens belonging to varying pattern of different castes. If the government ignores this factor then ultimately they will earn the wrath of the country's majority and thus the political system will be badly influenced.


  1. India is a land of diverse cultures
  2. Hinduism is the common religion
  3. Disturbances in the traditional caste system and variations in the patterns of demands will surely effect the political system

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