What are some aspects of individuals that could be used to separate them into different market segments?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Markets can be broken into different segments based largely on demographics.  Among the demographic categories we can look at are such things as:

  • Age.  I, as a person in his 40s, am likely to want different things than a 22 year old.
  • Sex.  I'm male so I'm likely to buy different things than women do.
  • Household type.  As a married person with children living at home, I will be in a different market segment than an unmarried person or one with no kids.
  • Income.  There is no point in sending me brochures for Rolls-Royce cars as I could never afford one.

Non-demographic factors could include:

  • Geographic location.  I live in a rural area and will presumably buy things a person in a big city would not.
  • Spending habits.  I am very frugal and a marketer would want to know that to know what sorts of things to try to sell me.