What are the products of fractional distillation of petroleum?

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The crude petroleum oil obtained from oil field, undergoes fractional distillation and a number of products are generated. These products of fractional distillation include, petrol (or gasoline), naptha, kerosene, diesel oil, lubricating oil, fuel oil, grease and wax, and some residue. The basic idea is to heat the crude oil and then separate out the various fractions in a fractional distillation column. The crude oil vapors rise up in the column and condense at different heights, according to their boiling points. These products of fractional distillation are used for various purposes in our daily lives. Petrol (or gasoline) and diesel are commonly used for running our vehicles, which operate on petrol or diesel engines. Kerosene is commonly used in developing and underdeveloped countries for cooking. It is also used as jet fuel.

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