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Which of the production concept, product concept, selling concept, marketing concept, and holistic marketing concept do you believe is most effective?

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I would argue that the marketing concept is most effective, though the holistic marketing concept has its advantages.  I feel that the holistic marketing concept has yet to completely emerge as a concept and to distinguish itself from the marketing concept.

The marketing concept is the most effective because it focuses on customers.  In the marketing concept, the firm does not start out with its product and go looking for customers.  Instead, it tries to figure out what customers want and need and tailor products for them.  This seems much more effective to me because it is not based on trying to convince customers that they really want something that they don't already want.  Instead, it works off of wants and needs that are already in place.

Holistic marketing may be the wave of the future, but I think it is not a fully-developed concept.  It is not clear, for example, that the idea of cultivating relationships with your consumers is a new thing or if it is simply something that was implicit in the marketing concept.

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