Process categorizes people, things, or concepts into particular groups in order to draw conclusion about them. Is this true? 

Expert Answers
huntress eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The goal of process writing is to teach people about a process. Think of it as a "how-to" manual. Most technical writing is a form of process writing. An example would be the suggestions you might find in your textbook about how to go about finding a good issue to write about: 

  1. Look around you for ideas, situations in the world today, that interest you. 
  2. Consider your own interests and points of curiosity about those situations. What questions do you have? 
  3. Freewrite to see if your questions and those issues lead to any interesting questions (etc.) 

This is an example of a (recommended) process to be successful at a particular type of writing (persuasive writing), but the list of steps defines a process. 

Note that I have no need to categorize people, things, or concepts into groups to draw conclusions about them. That is the point of a classification essay (another form of expository writing).