Is the process of bananas ripening a chemical change or a physical change?

Expert Answers
justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Physical changes refer to those that involve a change in physical properties, some examples of these are melting, evaporation, freezing, sublimation, change in crystalline state, change in texture, change in concentration, etc. Chemical changes refer to the changes in chemical properties of substances, it could involve breaking down of substances into their constituent chemicals or formation of new chemicals when other chemicals combine together.

The ripening of bananas includes both chemical as well as physical changes. As a banana ripens there many physical changes involved, some of these include the change in texture of the banana; some parts soften, others are destroyed with the formation of new parts. The chemical changes involved include the formation of simpler sugars from the complex carbohydrates that constitute raw bananas, formation of new chemicals that result in a change in color and taste among many others.

There are hundreds of chemical as well as physical changes involved in the ripening of bananas.

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