The problem says that 6x squared+7x-20fits the formula ax squared+bx+c.  It then asks'what is a?' I want to know if a would be 6?

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hala718 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let f(x) = 6x^2 + 7x - 10

The standard for the equation is

f(x) = ax^2 + bx + c


a = 6

b = 7

c= -10

william1941 | Student

To test if a is equal to 6, we have to take the original equation which is 6x^2+7x-20=ax^2+bx+c and substitute a with 6.

We get:



As the terms that x^2 and  x are multiplied with and the constant term on both the sides must be the same:

6x^2+7x-20=6x^2+bx+c verifies that a=6.

We also get that b=7 and c=-20.

For this equation a=6, b=7 and c=-20.

neela | Student

6x^2+7x-20 fits the formula ax^2+bx+c.

To find a.


6x^2+7x-20 fits the  formul  ax^2+bx+c, when

6x^2+7x-20 = ax^2+bx+c .........(1)identitically. 

That means  for all vlues of x  (1) should hold.

That means, ax^2+bx+c-(6x^2+7x-20) = 0 for all values of x.

That means (a-6)x^2+(b-7)x+(c+20) = 0 for all values of x.

That is possible only when (a-6) =0 and b-7 = 0 and c+20 = 0

Therefore it requires a = 6 and b= 7 and c=-20 holds true together.