How could a probation officer make a plan starting at 9am, 20 hrs of community service, 10 wks of drug rehab, and $500 fees and cost?

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What an interesting question!  First of all, I hope this probation officer question makes clear what a difficult job this is.  If a plan starts at 9am, the person who is on probation must report at the required time.  Those who don't follow the rules or do the items required may have their parole revoked.  You would need to find a facility that works with drug rehab when someone is on probation.  I would check if that facility also does community service as part of the drug treatment.  If it does, I would see if a few of the hours of service could be done during the rehab.  Since most places do not allow this, I would do the drug treatment first, community service which shows the person the harm they have done to people in general secondly, and use the 500.00 fees for the drug treatment.  Some outreach facilities are cheaper and may allow for the probationer to reach the goal IF he/she really wants to quit the drugs.  If the person does not want to quit, drugs will still get into the facility somehow, and when finished with  the 10 weeks, will return to drug use.  You would need to have him or her report to you frequently and do drug testing when he/she doesn't know or have time to prepare for the test. Good luck with your ideas.