In "Pride and Prejudice", what are the pros and cons on preserving the secret of Wickham’s past?the various viewpoints of the characters in vol 3 ch 5 onwards

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Elizabeth discovers Wickham's past through a letter Darcy sends her, she believes that his past was revealed in secret and should be kept a secret. To do otherwise would betray the confidence of both Darcy and Wickham and hurt the reputation of Darcy's sister. However, by not revealing his past, Lydia has absolutely no idea or reason to suspect his attentions are anything but honorable. Lydia is not the most intelligent of the Bennet women and falls for Wickham's lines without thinking of the damage her actions will have on her entire family. So instead of damaging Darcy's family reputation, she ends up damaging her own sister's chances at making good matches in their marriages.

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