In Private Lives, what senses were stimulated in the world of the play and did characters seem focused on any one of the senses? 

Expert Answers
thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The most interesting use of sensual stimuli in Private Lives by Noel Coward is the use of sound. As you think about this, it is important to remember that Coward's work was intended to be produced as live drama rather than read, and so the sounds are ones that would have affected not just the characters in the play, but also been immediately apparent to the audience. You can get some idea of the effect by watching videos of the play such as Private Lives on YouTube. The first major use of sound is when the Amanda and Elyot hear "their song" when dining with their new spouses at the hotel. As Amanda and Eliot quarrel when they are reunited, their loud voices, slaps, and the sound of objects breaking as they throw them contrast with the polite, modulated conversation of Sibyl and Victor.

Because scenic effects are limited in stage drama, Coward also has the characters describe the scenery in dialogue (such as the view from the hotel) to create visual effects.