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A private college, Asante Institute in Durban has a problem with staff turnover. Every year they find themselves having to employ new lecturers which is not good for the institution and the learners. One of the major functions of human resource is retention In light of the above, discuss what the H R manager of Asante Institute can do to retain staff?

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Part of the answer to this issue is that the HR Manager has to engage in some frank and open discourse with members of the staff that are there in Durban and those who have left.  There has to be analysis as to what is compelling these lecturers in leaving.  This can be through questionnaires, exit surveys, or even in informal discussions.  The HR Manager has to figure out what is happening "on the ground" and why so many are leaving the Asante Institute.

At the same time, there might have to be an incentive program to entice lecturers to staying.  Perhaps, enacting longevity rules which enable staff members who have longevity at the Institute to be able to participate in the selection of sections they work or other elements that create an incentive for staff to remain at the school.  This might be in the form of autonomy or even in the form of compensation. The HR Manager has to examine and assess the conditions that are leading to such a fierce turnover and engage in analysis as to what can be done to prevent it.

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