Prison labor 1. In your opinion, do you agree with prison labor or not ? Explain Specific to your reason.   2. Do Taiwan has prison labor ?? Why or why not does(n't) has ?  

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There are advantages to prison labor. It keeps the inmates busy, and sometimes they actually learn a trade, so they may have an honest life later. I disagree when inmates are paid a pittance, or taking catalog orders over the phone and things like that where people on the outside have contact with them.
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Yes, I do believe that some prison inmates should be made to work. There is nothing at all wrong with having inmates work in the laundry or kitchen inside the prison. Some prisons grow their own vegetables and use inmates as farmhands. If we really want to use prisons for rehabilitation, then we need to provide opportunities for prisoners to learn trades, such as auto mechanics, carpentry, and other fields.

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