A prism has a square base of area 36 square meters. What height would make the prism a cube?

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The base of the prism is a square with area 36 m^2. The area of a square with length l is l^2. If the area of a square is 36 m^2, the length is 6 m.

A cube is an equilateral square prism. The height of the prism would have to be equal to 6 m for it to be a cube.

If the height of the prism is 6m, it would be a cube.

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For the prism to be a cube, all sides have to be equal. The base has an area of 36 square meter so it's each side is equal to sqrt(36) = 6 m.


The height of the prism has to be 6 meters to make the prism a cube.