What are the four principle sources or foundations of Christian theology: scripture, tradition, reason, and experience? What relationships do they have to each other and in defining theology?

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Christian theology is the understanding and examination of the truths and traditions of Christian religion—the scientific study of God and his revealed truth. There are 4 sources for divining God's will, according to historical theological study.

Scripture is the foremost source of revealed knowledge about God and his precepts. It is the revealed word of God according to Christianity, and so it is an infallible source of his knowledge.

Reason is one of the next sources, and it stems from the idea that God, as our creator, gave humanity reason to be able to logically understand him from natural truths in this life. It is through reason that we interpret scripture, and it is with scripture that we measure every other experience or idea to ensure it is legitimate.

Tradition is a common form of theological knowledge, but it is not accepted by every Christian. The Catholic church in particular uses tradition to understand God's will because they have done certain things for so long. Many...

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