Please summarize this article about Pres. Obama and health care.

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This article is an opinion piece in a very conservative magazine's website.  It is from May of last year.  In it, the author is severely criticizing Pres. Obama for his plan to create a new national health insurance program.

The author starts with Obama's statement that the country is "out of money."  To Obama, this is evidence that health care reform is needed.  He thinks that health care costs are a major problem for the US and that his program is needed to reduce these costs.

By contrast, the author thinks that America's debt is exactly why the health care program is a bad idea.  He believes that the program is something that only an advocate of big government can like and he thinks it is something that America cannot afford.

Here are two important quotes showing these ideas:

First, the author says that

nobody who wasn't already committed to his vision of government managed, mandated, rationed health care

could like Obama's plan.  This is because

Obama is requesting over $600 billion in his budget for what the White House bills as simply a "down payment" on his grander scheme of universal coverage. Not to beat a dead horse, but that's over $600 billion that the U.S. government doesn't have on hand to spend.

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