• The President nominates individuals to serve on the Supreme Court, as well as the other federal courts, but they must be confirmed by the Senate to assume the role as a federal judge. However, this process can be highly politicized, which has prevented certain supreme court nominees from being confirmed to the bench. From the article: how many nominees have been confirmed to the supreme court bench out of the total number nominated? Referring to both Robert Bork and Harriet Miers, what is preventing them from being nominated? Explain how their nominations were opposed, either by the opposition or within their own political party.



  • The President also nominates individuals to fill cabinet positions, which also require senate confirmation. For this question, answer the following: Who is the individual and what position were they being nominated for? Were they confirmed? Explain what happened? What were some of the reasons why they were not confirmed? As for political opposition, was the opposition directed from their political opponents or from within their own party?
  • https://www.politico.com/story/2017/02/senate-republicans-tell-white-house-to-withdraw-puzder-nomination-235062


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    125 out of 165 nominees have been confirmed to the supreme court ever since its establishment in 1869.

    Robert Bork's nomination was not approved because he is an academic with controversial publications against contentious government issues, such as the Civil Rights act and Roe v. Wade. The Democrats were not for someone who goes against their beliefs even if they were exercising their freedom of speech.

    Harriet Miers was not approved because the Senate believed that she was too close to the president, and she had never been a judge before. Hence, they thought that she had no experience. Additionally, senators from her party believed that she was a 'blank slate', and they couldn't nominate someone without a political stance.

    As for the second part of the question regarding cabinet members, the individual in question is Andrew Puzder, who was nominated as the secretary of labor.

    Pudzer was not confirmed because he withdrew his nomination before the senate hearing. Pudzer was forced to reject the nomination because of numerous scandals that surrounded him; for example, a tape of his ex wife claiming he was an abusive husband on Oprah resurfaced and put his integrity in question. Although the White house press secretary blamed the Democrats for the failed nomination, sources from within the Republican party confirmed that there were some reservations about his nomination.

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