In the present day, how do Koreans interact with their nature?In the present day, how do Koreans interact with their nature?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This question had to be pared down because of the nature of what is being sought.  The additional questions could constitute additional responses and posts.  I would say that Koreans deal with the reality of there being "Two Koreas."  I think that this divided consciousness has to play a significant role in defining one's identity.  The democratic experiences of the South have to placed in stark contrast with the inward and closed sensibilities of the North.  At the same time, I sense that for Koreans on the peninsula, the lives led are two different experiences and narratives present.  The Southern wealth base, a growing one at that, is set in stark contrast with the impoverished and very destitute condition of the North.  The closed and blocked off nature of North Korea prevents much of the world from being able to actively identify the level of struggle and suffering present under Kim Il Jong's political creation, but I think that this schism between both nations.  Somewhere in this balance lies Korean identity, and the interaction with their nature and world is poised between both.  Southerners have to reconcile the fact that their progress and advancement is constantly under threat from the North, while Northern Koreans have to make peace with the reality that they will never be able to experience the economic success of their Southern brothers and sisters while living under their Status Quo.  Within such a constitution is how I see modern Koreans deal with their nature and state of being in the world.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Korea has had a rough century. War and the division of North and South Korea are hard realities to live with, I agree. North Korea is kind of a joke with the majority of people. It is actually deadly serious, even if their leader looks and acts like a cartoon.