Present an aspect of your understanding of 'citizenship' in a creative way, such as in a poster, poem, song lyric, illustration.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many ways to approach this.  I would reflect and think about particular songs that reflect citizenship and integrate some of these ideas into a lyric or poem of your own.  For example, think about songs from your own country that represent citizenship.  These songs could be the national anthem, or other songs that are widely accepted as representation of your nation.  When you think about these songs, what are some common links?  Do they emphasize a part of your history?  Do they emphasize a part of your national character?  What is the overall tone of these songs?  For example, in my country, our national anthem reflects national character and identity.  It is one of those moments where people hear the song and understand, to a lyrical extent, a part of my country's identity.  When these questions are answered, you should possess a decent feel for what defines "citizenship" in a lyrical sense and then you can start to take some of these ideas into your own conception or visualization of citizenship.  Perhaps, placing some of these in a poster or illustration could be another avenue to pursue.  I think that this might be a good starting point with such a task.