Prepare two journals in paragraph form from pages 7 to 24 in "The Great Gatsby" with transition words.First Part “Summary”What happened?Did the major characters change in any way?What...

Prepare two journals in paragraph form from pages 7 to 24 in "The Great Gatsby" with transition words.

First Part “Summary”

What happened?

Did the major characters change in any way?

What literary devices did you notice?

Second Part “Response”

What did you think about while reading?

Which characters do you like/dislike/agree with/disagree with/envy/question?

What questions did you have while reading?

Is what is happening believable? What makes you believe it?

How does this novel relate to the real world?

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amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This assignment appears to be very straight forward.  Have you read these pages?  Since page numbers vary from publisher to publisher, you will need to depend on your own ability to complete this assignment or risk inaccurate information from an editor on this site.  Go back and skim the pages in your edition.  Take some notes as you read/skim.  What major events occur?  Do you notice any differences in personality of the characters within these pages?  If so, what are they?  Lit terms can be anything from symbolism (for instance, color usage or a particular item that shows up more than once that may have a meaning beyond just itself--a flower, a piece of clothing, a car) to forshadowing (hints about things to come) or hyperbole (extreme exaggeration).

The second journal entry is completely your opinion.  No one can give you the answers to these questions.  After you have reread and skimmed these pages, take another look at the notes you have made.  Then, answer the questions one at a time.  What did you think of while reading?  Did you make connections to another book, a song, a TV show, or someone you know in real life?  Did you ask questions about what was going on?  Does it seem believable to you?  If not, why?  Is it overexaggerated?  Does it seem too good to be true or too predictable?  Does it remind you of the real world?  In what way?  Good Luck!

reidalot eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First of all, I would believe the summary would be Chapter I. In this Chapter, the first person narrator of the novel, Nick Carraway, begins his story, a man whose family has a well-to-do history in the Mid-West, has moved East, to West Egg, New York, a wealthy community off the Long Island Sound but not as wealthy as East Egg. He rents a small cottage beside Gatsby's mansion, yet he has not met him. Nick goes to the Buchanan's mansion for dinner. Extremely wealthy,the husband, Tom, is having an affair, and Daisy, his wife, seems bored and preoccupied. They have a 3-year old daughter, and we also meet Jordan Baker, a young, wealthy socialite. Literary devices would include first person narration and flashback. For the second journal entry, any reader would easily dislike Tom, his arrogance and his infidelity. Daisy seems distracted. The entire group, except Nick, seem to have shallow and selfish values.Nick is an observer, recording events. At the very end of the chapter, Nick sees Gatsby staring at the 'green light,' as Fitzgerald sets up the rest of the novel.

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