Give a few points on global poverty with a political viewpoint.

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I would say that poverty is a real issue in our world. At this point I would say that poverty does not have to be rampant in view of the plenty of resources we haved. Based on these two points, I would try to seek out an answer. Since you want a political answer, I would consider and explore the following perspectives. 

First, the most obvious places of poverty are found in Africa and places like India and south east Asia. Many of these countries have incredible resources. However, due to debt and foreign investment, western countries benefit at the expense of these countries. Think of Indonesia. They are incredibly wealthy in resources, but they have not infrastructure due to a corrupt government. 

Second, there is also poverty in America. It really is about politics. For example, some politicians want to cut entitlements and other do not. Some would say that the big banks are in bed with the government and that the banks make the decisions. 

In the end, those with power do not want to give it up. They will do whatever they can to remain powerful. 

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