Predicting state of the U.S. family? Can you look ahead 50 years and predict the State of the U.S. family considering factors such as marriage, divorce, and children?

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I agree with everything else others have said.  People are marrying later, having children later, and often couples have not children or people never marry but stay together.  This means that parents will be older as their children grow up, or children will grow up in households where their parents are living together but not legally married.  I also think that homosexuality is becoming more and more mainstream and accepted, so there will be more families with children.

I disagree with access teacher to some extent. I believe that we already live in a society where the idea of family is not "family" but actually family. Our culture has grown and changed as has the definition of family. The word no longer has the traditional meaning of earlier decades. I think there will become an increasing number of this new type of family. In addition, I think many households will become "family" as two households combine for no other reason than expediency.

If current trends continue, we will see...

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