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I do like math, it's so clean and straightforward. I loved precalc in high school, which surprised me (and everyone else) because I had not done all that well in algebra; once I got into precalc I suddenly realized what all those algebraic processes were for, and it was easy after that.

I have noticed over the years that most people fall into one of two math camps: Either you like algebra and are uncomfortable with geometry, or the other way around. I think it must have some connection to learning styles, and to being right or left brained. However your brain works, studying the higher levels of mathematics will sharpen your thinking skills, which is always a good thing.

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I love math, but I'll admit I don't love everything. I don't like high school level geometry much. I do like algebra, trig and calculus. So I did enjoy precalculus and that was one of my first experiences with trigonometry. I have taught algebra and prealgebra, and I like helping students learn algebra but I always had trouble being creative with it.
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