Is praying just as important as working?Is praying just as important as working?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that this is a fairly loaded question and one in which complexities arise.  It seems to me that regardless of religious faith or form of worship, the question's binary opposition would be, to some extent, challenged.  I don't think that religious worship forces a choice between prayer and working.  If done with an open heart towards the divine, both can be seen as forms of worship.  To a great extent, I think that religious figures would argue that both are extensions of one's worship.  When we pray, we seek to form a connection with the divine.  When we work, we are doing what, for reasons that we might not fully comprehend, the divine has in store for us.  I don't see this as a fundamental choice.  Yet, I think that both are needed for healthy forms of worship, regardless of denomination.  The idea of being productive in any setting and being able to contribute something is part of what many religious faiths teach their followers.  At the same time, there has to be some notion of worship in terms of forming the realm of communication with the divine, as to what prayer offers.  In this, both are seen as important in the life of the worshipper of the divine.

wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think they are both important in their own right.  We might say that praying is more important from a religious standpoint, but this doesn't mean that we don't work.  I may think that putting gas in my car is more important than checking the air in the tires; this doesn't  mean that I don't check the tires.  If I didn't, the car would cease to function.  The same could be said for praying and working.  While I may feel that praying is more important, I cannot cease working altogether to pray. 

I look at it this way.  God gave me a brain and he wants me to use it.  I can honor him with my work but I do have to work.  When I pray and I trust God to provide, this doesn't mean that I don't do anything myself.  I trust that God will help me and lead me in the right direction but I don't sit on my sofa and wait for my needs to be met.  I go out and I work and I trust that God will lead me to the right work.

vangoghfan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would recommend working if I had to choose.  If an atheist tomorrow invents a cure for cancer, I would be very happy that he worked rather than prayed if one had to choose between the two. I am very grateful to all the people who have worked hard over the years to help us achieve some of the breakthroughs (especially in medicine) that have been achieved. Many of those people, of course, were motivated to work hard because of their religious beliefs.

mailtogaurav | Student

no ; working is more important because it is also the work of god . work we do is also a sort of prayer .  our destiny is decided by our work . praying never fills one's stomach .

llmbs | Student

Prayer and working are two different things. They both have their unique function. Imagine prayer being your arms and working being your legs. You cant neglect either of them, or try to make substitution. Thats where most people mess up in, they try to substitute prayer for not working. I will say this one more time because us humans are notorious of the "oeoto syndrome", one ear and out the other syndrome.

Prayer and working are two different things. They both have their unique function. Imagine prayer being your arms and working being your legs. You cant neglect either of them, or try to make substitution. Now im going to seal the deal with examples so opposing arguments wont have any place here and stay in the trash can where they belong.

1. You have a plate of food set before you and you need to eat. Do you pray for god to spoon feed you so that you can get food in your belly or do you go to work, pick up the spoon(utensil) and feed yourself? Exactly, you work!! you feed yourself. The only time you should pray in this example is for thanks giving for food set before you, nothing more, nothing less.


2. You need to wipe your behind cause you used the restroom. Do you pray for god to come and wipe you? NO !! HE WONT! You need to goto work and wipe yourself.


Some people just dont know how prayer and work is like apples and oranges. They are delusional. Perfect opportunity to pray to god to open their deluded eyes since work aint working, lol. :)




idijohn | Student

In simple terms, Prayer is humbly talking to God.

Why is talking with the creator of the universe not important? It is obviously as important as work.

The fact remains that both of them are important and that they work together. The Holy Bible made it clear that Faith without works is dead - so prayer without work or effort is a waste.

But this question might be called to mind: Can I just work without praying?

How will you feel if after assisting your son he refused to thank you or show appreciation?

Obviously you will feel bad or as a human may refuse to assist him the very next opportunity to do so.

God in his abundant mercy and undeserved kindness always assist us even when we did not ask for his help and even when we don't thank him for his assistance, he still and always willing to help his children.

So let us always pray to ask for his assistance in our work, and always work towards our prayer for he has given us the strength not forgetting to thank him when we achieve great things from our hard work.

jason5205 | Student

Just do both. 

drahmad1989 | Student

by prayers you get courage and by work you get reward.

btmlsu | Student

REMEMBER THIS: YES! PRAYER IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY WORK. But, it is  always important to strive for education then the jobs after college. Put God first, then family/school work/job work.

hajmur | Student

no, its waaaaay more important :)


frizzyperm | Student

... so if we look at all the things that has been achieved through working, and compare it to all the things that we can show for certain have been caused by prayer, then it is an open and shut question.

As a concrete example, from Friday, April 22, 2011, to Sunday, April 24, 2011 Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, organised a massive campaign for everyone to pray for rain. It is unknown how many millions of prayers were offered to God asking him to take pity on the dessicated state. The result of this prayerathon?

(from Wiki) The drought continued to worsen for four months following the Days of Prayer. While only 15-17% of the state was undergoing exceptional drought at the time of the praying, the percentage grew to 50% a month later, and by late June, more than 70% of the state was experiencing exceptional drought conditions.

Working to fix the environment will achieve infinitely more improvement in weather patterns than attempting to change the weather with prayer.


frizzyperm | Student

Prayer is a really strange concept. If God is knows everything and has a divine plan, does he really change his mind based on human requests? Just because you ask him to? God will re-arrange his chosen future? Just for you?

Seriously, do you think that you can make the all-knowing creator of the universe suddenly think, "oh, this human's prayer has made me want to change my original intention, I'm going to alter the whole direction of the universe to please this person's wishes."

Or is it merely a case of 'don't ask, don't get?' Does his plan have options such as ''I will give Catherine the new partner that she wants, but only if she asks me nicely.''

And consider this; ALL the parents of the millions of dying children in the world desperately pray to God to let their child live, but God doesn't respond to them. So aren't you being a little bit self-centered believing that he might respond to you? Whenever you pray to God to find a new job or help with your exams or stop your house being repossessed, there are Mothers praying, at the same time as you, to stop their child from dying of hunger or disease. If their tear-choked, distraught prayers are not sincere enough to pierce his heart, do you really think your prayer deserves to receive a more gentle hearing from God?

boeing | Student

prayer is much much more important than working. we need to have a relationship with our Lord. what's the outcome of working...? money??? and what'll happen after we die? the money will just be given to our children. but when we pray & give our whole lives to our Lord than the outcome is heaven. :):):) and what is better than heaven?

no,praying and working are equally important.coz Imam Ali (a great personage in Islam and Imam) divided his daily time into 3 groups:8 hours for praying, 8 hours for working ,8 hours for daily chres including sleep and eating and... 

najm1947 | Student


Work and striving for objectives is important as God says:

And that for man there is nothing but what he strives for; (Quaran 53:39)

But at the same time, He also says:

And when My servants ask thee about Me, "Lo I am surely near."

I respond to call of the caller when he calls Me,

Then should they respond to Me,

And believe in Me, That they may proceed aright. (Quran 2:186)

So one must work and seek God's help to make the work easy for him. The work and prayer cannot be separated. It works and goals are easily achieved with this combination - well that's my experience in life.

kinyuagreg | Student

Prayer is important for in doing so, one should highlight what he/she is praying for. Then here comes the most vital aspect of prayer : prayer without deeds is dead. someone wrote in the Bible. we need to work ( doing our part ) then praying for the blessings of what we have worked for and trusting in our prayers.


agentblank000 | Student

Praying is as important as working and in my opinion it is even more important than working. I'm not saying that a person should stop working but they should also pray since prayer brings a person close to God and this will benefit us. God helps us in our life and we pray when we are in a difficult situation or when we need something. Prayer is essential and extremely important.

siret | Student

Praying is no doudt very important but i believe hard work is more important. Its not really fair that we just sit and pray to solve every problem or challenge or achievement. God helps those who help them selves.we need to work hard as well.What sounds more just:

a) Praying and getting an A


b)working hard and getting an A

elizabethpung | Student

prayer is much much more important than working. we need to have a relationship with our Lord. what's the outcome of working...? money??? and what'll happen after we die? the money will just be given to our children. but when we pray & give our whole lives to our Lord than the outcome is heaven. :):):) and what is better than heaven?

amne | Student

Prayer is the most important thing in our lives!!

When we pray God begins to fulfill our dreams and wishes! Becuase we are worshipping God and showing him that we appreciate him, respect him and LOVE him. Plus prayer is the KEY to success in anything including work.

raitu | Student

Prayer is talking to God,

God listens to us and help us ....

...Prayer is impt!

boeing | Student
Islam says praying is so important but and the same time Islam hates those who just pray and never work
alilion | Student

obviously..Prayer is the key to success

loraaa | Student

Of course, prayer is very important.
 If you want God to help you in your business, you must to pray.