Practicle example of management as a science & art?

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Management is an art as well as a science. For example motivating employees to work in the interest of the the company or developing effective spirit in a group of people working together depends very mush on the personal conduct and inter-personal behaviour of the manager. The ability to perform these tasks well is very much dependent on the skills of the manager which can be developed only by practice. IN preforming these tasks a manager has no clear cut decision rules available to help him decide the exact action to be taken in a particular situation. The manager has to rely to a great extent on personal judgement on deciding the correct course of action. Task like these are examples of management as a science.

There are other situation where a manager is assisted in his or her action by very clear cut analytical and decision making tools. For example a maintenance manager may use statistical analysis to take decision on replacement of certain machine components, or a project manager may use PERT/CPM techniques to schedule project activities and allocate resources to different activities.

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