Examine how Postmodernist literature can be challenging to read because of its varied characteristics.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Postmodern style makes it challenging to read because of its deconstructionist nature.  The deconstructionism that is such a part of postmodernism is a condition in which the author is able to embrace different elements in the construction of their work. Narratives are not necessarily direct and the emergence of metanarratives become a trait commonly seen in Postmodern literature.  The presence of authorial intrusion and contradictions within story lines and the use of multiple story lines also becomes a part of this process.  The collage style that is used in Postmodern literature also enables more constructions and story lines to present itself.

For the Postmodern author, the manner in which narratives are presented are almost as important, if not more, than the narrative itself.  I think that this becomes where one can see how Postmodern literature is so challenging to read.  The need to deconstruct what literature is and move into what can be in terms of expressing a complex relationship towards truth and its depiction is where intricacy lies.  It is in this where the literature of the movement can be challenging to read.