posting to general and subsidiary ledgers.1. post the separate items in the following journals to the general and subsidiary ledgers. use the current year. note that some postings will be out of...

posting to general and subsidiary ledgers.1. post the separate items in the following journals to the general and subsidiary ledgers. use the current year. note that some postings will be out of order by date because posting of individual amounts is not being done weekly. a. sales journal to the accounts receivable ledger, b. purchases journal to the accounts payable ledger, c. general journal to the accounts payable,accounts receivable, and general ledger, d. cash receipts journal to the accounts receivable ledger, e. cash payments journal to the accounts payable and general ledgers. the totals of the special amount columns of the sales,purchases,cash receipts,and cash payment journals. 3. prepare a schedule of accounts payable and a schedule of accounts receivable. compare the totals of the schedules with the balances of the controlling accounts,Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, in the general ledger.if the totals are not the same, find and correct the errors. sales journal, oct.4, jerome lewis, sale no.658, accounts receivable debit-$2,276.88, sales credit-$2,148.00,sales tax payable credit-$128.88, oct.12, douglas rieves, sale no. 659, accounts receivable debit -$373.12, sales credit-$352.00,sales tax payable credit-$21.12,oct.15, sales no.660, amy carson,accounts receivable debit-$2,064.88, sales credit-$1,948.00, sales tax payable credit-$116.88, oct.23, john frazier, sale no.661, accounts receivable debit-$1,563.50, sales credit-$1,475.00, sales tax payable credit-$88.50, oct.31, totals, accounts receivable debit- $6,278.38, sales credit-$5,923.00, sales tax payable credit-$355.38.purchases journal,oct.5,harman supply-purchase no.345-purchases $5,215.34, oct.18, mixon industries-purchase no.346-purchases$6,251.38,oct.22, alford salvage-purchase no.347-purchases$8,125.45, oct.25, reliable auto-purchase no. 348-purchases$4,215.88, oct.28, harman supply-purchase no. 349-purchases$3,648.80, oct.30, mixon industries-purchase no.350, purchases cr- $2,515.84, oct.31, total- purchases$29,972.69.general journal, oct.3,john m77, debit-$825.00,amy carson-credit-$825.00,oct.24, accts.payable/alford salvage-doc no. dm97, debit-$150.00,purchases returns and allowances credit-$150.00, oct.25, sales returns and cm151, debit-$300.00,sales tax payable debit-$18.00, accts.receivable/jerome lewis credit-$318.00, oct.28,supplies-store, m78, debit-$275.00, accts.payable/mixon industries credit-$ receipts journal, oct.1,jerome lewis,, accts.receivable credit-$854.45,cash debit-$854.45, oct.3, ts30, sales credit-$5,248.00,sales tax payable credit-$367.36, cash debit-$5,615.36, oct.10,, sales credit-$6,004.00,sales tax payable credit-$420.28, debit-$6,424.28, oct.12,john frazier,, accts.receivable credit-$2,170.85,sales discount debit-$43.42, cash debit-$2,127.43,oct.17,, sales credit-$5,495.00, sales tax payable credit-$384.65, cash debit-$5,879.65, oct.19,douglas rieves, r626, accts.receivable credit-$1,694.34, cash debit-$1,694.34, oct.24,, sales credit-$5,748.00,sales tax payable credit-$402.36, cash debit-$6,150.36,oct.26,amy carson,, sales credit-$420.25,sales discount debit-$8.41, cash debit-$411,84, oct.31,, $5,258.00, sales tax payable credit-$368.06, cash debit-$5,626.06, oct.31-totals, accts.receivable credit-$5,139.89, sales credit-$27,753.00, sales tax payable credit-$1,942.71, cash debit-$34, payments journal, oct.2,rent expense,, general debit-$3, credit-$3,000.00,oct.4,utilities expense,, general debit-$751.25, cash credit-$751.25, oct.7, alford salvage,, accts.payable debit-$1,548.45,purchases discount credit-$30.97, cash credit-$1,517.48,oct.8,mixon industries,, accts.payable debit-$2,158.45, purchases discount credit-$43.17, cash credit-$2,115.28, oct.11, harman supply,, accts.payable debit-$1,417.25,cash debit-$1,417.25,oct.12,reliable auto,,accts.payable debit-$3,515.34, purhases discount credit-$70.31, cas credit-$3,445.03, oct.13. harman supply, 788, accts.payable debit-$5,215.34,cash credit-$5,215.34 oct.14, advertising expense,, general debit-$2,500.00, cash credit-$2,500.00, oct.20, miscellaneous expense, 786, general debit-$234.25,cash credit-$234.25, oct.24, supplies-store, 791, general debit-$352.25, cash credit-$352.25, oct.27,mixon industries- 792, accts.payable debit-$6,251.38, purchases discount credit-$125.03, cash credit-$6,126.35, oct.30, supplies-office,, general debit-$425.17, cash credit-$425.17, oct.31, totals, general debit-$7,262.92, accts.payable debit-$20,106.21, purchases discount credit-$269.48, cash credit-$27,099.65. general ledger-oct.1, cash,balance debit-$20,420.25, oct.1,accts.receivable balance debit-$5,139.89, oct.1,supplies-office balance debit-$2,514.20, oct.1, supplies-store, balance debit-$2,514.00, oct.1, accts.payable, balance credit-$8,639.49, oct.1, sales tax payable, balance credit-$824.25, oct.1,sales, balance credit-$214,715.25, oct.1, sales discount, balance debit-$501.35, oct.1, sales returns and allowances,balance debit-$1,593.50,oct.1, purchases, balance debit-$140,684.34, oct.1, purchases discount, balance credit-$2,045.25, oct.1, purchases returns and allowances, balance credit-$2,477.00, oct.1, advertising expense-balance debit-$25,848.45, oct.1, miscellaneous expense-balance debit-$1,584.00, oct.1, rent expense- balance debit- $30,000.00, oct.1, utilities expense-balance debit-$8,745.45, accts,recievable ledger, oct.1, amy carson, balance debit-$1,245.25, oct.1, john frazier, balance debit-$1,345.85, oct.1, jerome lewis, balance debit-$854.45, oct.1, douglas rieves, balance debit-$1,694.34. accts. payable ledger,oct.1, alford salvage, balance credit-$1,548.45, oct.1, harman supply,balance credit-$1,417.25, oct.1,mixon industries, balance credit-$2,158.45, oct.1, reliable auto,balance credit-$3,515.34

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