Is it possible to use Marxist approach to analyse the text?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

On some level, I think that one has to use the Marxist approach to analyze Strindberg's text.  The element of class conflict is of vital importance to the conditions that give rise to the drama as well as the dramatic read of the characters, themselves.  Consider that Jean and Julie are both victimized by the class consciousness that Marx suggests is an intrinsic part of capitalism.  Julie comes to resent her wealth defining her reality, seeking to be part of "the lower class," an element that she uses to define herself in oppositional terms.  Being condemned to this subservient class, Jean yearns for aristocratic and bourgeoisie leanings.  This is something that becomes a part of his own identity.  In both lovers, the reality of class division and class yearnings has helped to confuse both of their view of each other and their world.  The Marxist read would help to bring out the idea that class consciousness infects how they view one another and their relationship, suggesting that one can never really transcend class- based reality.  This is something that the Marxist read of the text would reveal in terms of explaining how class and class consciousness plays a vital role in the understanding of the text and the implications that arise from it.

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