Is it possible to link the idea of the American Dream with any Puritan writer or with the Puritan era?

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The American Dream has changed in its perceived definition and scope over time. It most certainly began with the formation of America and the ideals of the Puritans, among others. At its core, the American Dream is the concept that people should be free to live and worship as they see fit. America provided the opportunity for people to do just that. The Puritan settlers' American Dream was, in the famous words of John Winthrop, for their new nation to be a "city upon a hill," an example to all other nations for what they themselves could be. Although the Puritans were overzealous in their efforts and often, paradoxically, tried to force other settlers to conform to their own ideas of what freedom should look like, their intent was truly to make the world a better place in which anyone could achieve his or her dreams. Puritan-era writers of interest include the poet Anne Bradstreet and the great evangelist Jonathan Edwards.

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