If Existentialism is concerned primarily with our own humanity, is it possible to find personal significance and fulfillment if I believe the world is insignificant and without purpose?   

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ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

According to the On-line Etymology Dictionary, the word atheist originated from the Greek root atheos meaning "to be without gods, denying gods or, abandoned by god," As for the possibility of finding personal significance and fulfillment, it is possible even if a man believes this about the world in which we live, then his own actions would determine both his significance and his fulfillment Living in the world as you recognize it would require a man to take action in order to create significance and purpose in the world. If his actions, as you go through life didn't at least attempt this, then it would mean that the man himself was insignificant and without purpose. If his actions were successful, then would he not find significance and fulfillment?

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