Is it possible for the earthquakes in the movie '2012' to happen?

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The answer is probably not. Let me give you a few reasons for this answer.

First, Hollywood always exaggerates to sell tickets. Who would want to watch something that is small? So, do not put too much stock in what the movies portray. It is merely for entertainment.

Second, on record, a global earthquake has never happened. This suggests that it will not happen in the future. The reason why he hear so much about earthquakes now is because of the easy access to the media. Moreover, recent earthquakes have happened in major cities. The strongest earthquake on record is from 1960 in Chile. The damage was great, but it was still localized.

Third, from a more scientific point of view. It is thought that the outer core of the earth is liquid and this acts as buffer. In other words, the seismic wave are not global.

Finally, notice that I start my post with the word, "probably." Anything is possible, but it is reasonable to answer and live by what is probable.

lillianjean | Student

It would be impossible for an entire city to just be instantly lifted up and dragged under the ocean. The amount of force required to do that is far greater than the potential energy of any fault line. Besides, the giant slabs of city would just break apart on their own weight. Also, the move '2012' has no basis in science

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