Is It Possible To Count To Infinity?

taangerine | Student

It is not possible to count infinite because the number is endless and goes on. 

atyourservice | Student

No because infinite means never ending, therefore you cant count to infinite.

ik9744 | Student

No, the number infinity is endless. Even if you count till you die.

crystaltu001 | Student

Infinity is endless you counting to infinity  would be impossible to do.

nisarg | Student

no because infinity in the definition is endless. So you cannot count to infinity even if you live infinitely because both the numbers and your life would be endless

fact-finder | Student

No. Any number that can be reached by counting or by representation of a number, even followed by billions of zeros, is a finite number. Infinite numbers are defined as being unbounded, or without limit.

Source: Motz, Lloyd, and Jefferson Hane Weaver. Conquering Mathematics, p. 17.

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