Is it possible for a baby to be allergic to their mother's breast milk?

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It is not possible for a baby to be allergic to the mother's breast milk.  In fact, research has shown that breast milk protects against allergies.  Babies are biologically designed to eat the mother's breast milk; however, it is possible for a baby to be allergic to what is in the mother's breast milk.

Quite often it is actually cow's milk protein that is causing the baby to be sensitive to or have an allergic reaction during feeding.  Nuts can also do the same thing, though it is quite rare.

The majority of the time the baby may simply be fussy, and spitting up is normal.  Reflux is also another common condition that could be confused as a breast milk allergy.

But in the end, it is impossible to be allergic to the breast milk itself.

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Babies are not allergic to their mother's milk per se. In fact breast milk is the best food for a baby, the proteins and antibodies that it contains protect the baby from many diseases, and help in its healthy growth.

The substances in the mother's milk that babies are commonly allergic to are macromolecules that the mother has consumed. What the mother eats, many a times has chemicals that are able to pass through the filtration mechanism of the body and emerge in her milk. These can include substances contained in eggs, nuts, milk products, peanuts, certain meats and fish, among many others. To protect the infant it is essential for the mother to take proper care of her diet and modify her diet accordingly to avoid foods that show up as compounds in breast milk which her baby is allergic to.


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