Is it possible and allowed to have both a works cited and bibliography in an essay?I'm wiriting a paper, and I want to know if its unorthodox and/or if he's going to take points off for having both.

Expert Answers
wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
There is no reason to have both a bibliography and a works cited page. They are basically the same thing. A works cited page is the current MLA standard. Most professors/teachers no longer want a bibliography. Although they are basically the same thing, a works cited page has replaced the older bibliography title. I would certainly recommend following current MLA standards and guidelines. The current guidelines call for internal citation followed by a works cited page. The works cited page should correlate to your internal citations. Some professor's prefer you to follow APA format. This is typically used for the sciences rather than English. Some professor's might prefer you to use footnotes rather than internal citations. I would recommend you review your assignment to make sure you are following your professor's instructions. Again, there is no need for a bibliography and a works cited page as they are basically the same thing.