Love (III) Questions and Answers
by George Herbert

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What is the portrayal of love in the poem "Love (III)" by George Herbert?

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“Love (III)” by George Herbert is a poem written as a conversation between God and a worshipper. The author was a religious man who was wrote this poem with both a religious and secular connotation. In the secular connotation it is a love poem but the author was a very religious man therefore the poem is most often read as a religious offering. In the poem “Love” is God who is inviting the person to worship at his table but the man expresses his frailties and misgivings. God as “Love” explains that he sees and forgives the man his transgressions. “Love” treats the person as a guest even though the guest is not sure he is worthy to be in God’s presence. He is assured by God that he is worthy to sit at his table which is a metaphor for accepting Holy Communion. After the worshipper is comforted and believes that that God loves and forgives him, he “did sit and eat.” In other words, he accepted the Lord in the sacrament of Holy Communion.

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