The Portrait of a Lady by Khushwant SinghThe grandmother's actions more than her appearance reveal her true beauty. Explain how??

dafe | Student

though grandmother looks old but she is beautiful in her own way as we can't judje people on the basis of their appearance . she used to engage herself in prayers , she was religious minded & thus her actions speaks a lot more than her appearence as in the chapter we saw that when khushwant singh was going to abroad for further studies, she was quiet & upset but she was not even sentimental, she came to see off khushwant she kissed his forehead & this was a sign that she will not going to die in the absence of her grand child & had a hope to meet him again on this platform ,this was in her mind but she haven't revealed this . all this shows that her actions more than her appearance reveal her true internal beauty.

merrrik | Student

As per the chapter, the grandmother's affectionate nature towards his grandson reveals her true inner beauty. She helped him in his studies and accompanied him to the school. Her appearance may  make her look old but her actions depict her true beauty.


utkarshsingh | Student
  1. The Author calles his beloved mother  "Lady", even though she was not beautiful in temporal state..but her actions reflected the beautiful image behind those "criss-cross" of wrikles.
  2. Though she was not beautiful in a temporal sense but she looked extremely beautiful with the peacefulness, serenity and the contentment her face exhibited.
  3. Her beauty lied in the way she restrained her self form showing her emotions, which she vaved by telling her rosary.
  4. The way she took care of animals..also give an account of her beauty.
peanutz | Student

Here,author wants to say that her grandma had an inherent beauty.

As far as looks are concerned,his granny was not pretty but BEAUTIFUL....because of the nature she possessed.

As we can infer from the context that she was his constant companion and epitome of courage, peace, truth and contentment.It is  clear that her actions are worth and priceless and revealed her true inner beauty...

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