A porter carries a 5 kg mass on his head and the area of the contact between the mass and his head is 0.01m. what is the pressure exerted on his head?

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Borys Shumyatskiy eNotes educator| Certified Educator


The pressure, by definition, is the force divided by the area at which it acts (perpendicularly),


Here `F=mg` where `F` is given and `g` is the acceleration of (Earth's, I believe) gravity.

`A` is given also, but in meters, which is incorrect. This number must be in square units, I suppose `A=0.01m^2.`

The unit for the pressure is pascal Pa (newton per square meter).

So   `P=F/A=(mg)/A = (5*9.8)/0.01 = 49/0.01 = 49*100 = 4900 (Pa).`


The answer is 4900 Pa.