As the poor left the bakery with their dinners, the spirit sprinkled each dinner with what? From his?

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As the poor people leave the bakery with their dinners, the Spirit of Christmas Present sprinkled each dinner with incense, or the Spirit of Christmas, from his torch. He does this for the poor because the poor are the ones who need the Spirit of Christmas the most. In addition, his torch was very unusual in other ways, as it had the power to also shed drops of water from it and restore good humor to those it touched immediately. For example, should travelers jostle each other and become angry, a few drops of water on them from the torch would restore them to good spirits. The Spirit of Christmas Present was essentially spreading the peace and joy of the holiday, although Scrooge did take issue with him and even argued with him a bit.

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The Ghost of Christmas Present sprinkles a type of "incense" on the meals of some of the people that he and Scrooge see on the streets.  He tells Scrooge when Scrooge asks if there is a particular flavor to what is being sprinkled that it is his own flavor, i.e., the Christmas spirit.  He gives it to those, he says, who need it the most because they have so little and are struggling to get by.  The Ghost sprinkles the foods with this incense from his torch.


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