Ponyboy and Two-Bit say that the gang couldn't get along w/o Johnny.  Two-Bit wishes that anyone else were in the hospital and not Johnny. Why?From The Outsiders.

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Johnny Cade is the glue that holds their greaser gang together. He is the smallest member and also one of the most introverted. His life at home with his parents is a terrible one, and he has become like a brother to the other members. He is the only true, close friend of Dallas Winston; without Johnny, Dally would probably not be accepted. Johnny has also endured several beatings, and he is physically one of the weakest members. Two-Bit believes any of the other members of the gang would be better suited to deal with their injuries. Even if Johnny would have survived, he would have been paralyzed and forced to remain in bed at his unhappy home. Life would be more terrible for him than for any of the other greasers. Johnny is like a little brother to the rest of the gang--particularly to Pony, Two-Bit and Dally. Without him, their greaser family would not be complete.

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The reason is that Johnny"s the little brother of the greasers. Though he is not the youngest the gang take care of him. Does that make sense.

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i just read the book for the second time now, but have u ever had a bffl u cant live with out and they get hurt and u say i wish it was some one else or i wish it was me and not her? well its like that johnny was the pet the one that look to peolp for help and to see him just die be for urs eyes i sad.


hope this helps :)