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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I actually think that India is gaining prominence in the world as an emerging economic and social power.  The fact that India, along with China, is a billion people with some level of purchasing power makes it attractive to Western businesses.  Any nation that has over a billion people removes the dismissive aspect to businesses.  In addition to this, the proliferation of the IT industry as well as the growth of outsource markets make it very compelling for businesses.  In terms of its stature on the political stage, India merits credibility because of its democratic stature.  In a region where maintaining and establishing democracy is a challenge, India is vitally important to the West as it holds a geopolitical importance to the West.  It is true that many might hold a rather dismissive view of India, but economic and political organizations in the West understand its importance and, over the last decade, have beem demonstrating this understanding.

amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of my favorite books is A Passage to India where the politics and cultural barriers between the natives and the English stood out in stark contrast.  I believe you are right when you say the Indians are talented and skillful people.  I believe this is true of all cultures, but one must know how to recognize and value that talent and skill...to look through other eyes than those with which we were born.  Sometimes we are blinded by our own cultural values and cannot see the beauty of other civilizations as a result.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Citing of the novel A passage to India, a novel published in 1924, in post #3 is illustrative of how outdated views of some people can be about India. Most certainly, India today, as stated in post #2, is neither "poorest" nor "rural based"

India not only has a very large population, but it is also a significant world player in terms of economic situation. As per the statistics published by the World Bank on gross domestic products of different countries in 2008 in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP), India with GDP of 3,388,473 million international dollars ranks fourth in the world, the first three being United States (14,204,322) China (7,903,235) and Japan (4,354,550). You can get additional information about GDP of other Countries at the following site:


Yes, India is a very lucrative market for companies all over the world. An to pay for all the goods that India imports from other countries, it also exports lot of goods. These include sophisticated manufactured goods, in addition to the traditional agricultural commodities. Today in India, the share of manufacturing and service sector taken together far exceeds that of primary sector (of which agricultural is just a part).

Also it is worthwhile noting that the education and talent of India is not limited to IT and business process outsourcing. Indians have done very well as entrepreneurs. There was a period in history, when Indians came under tremendous pressure of foreign domination, but that only hid the Indian Talent from the world view. It did not destroy it. Indians are doing very well in all fields. One sign of this revival of Indians business performance is provides by take over of prestigious company like Landrover and Jaguar by Tata's of India.

As mentioned in post #4, if many (countries) in West hold a dismissive view of India, they are harming their own interests.

vishalvkings | Student

I think all ccountries think India is poorest & rural based country. but whole world atracted towards Indian market becouse n number of consumers are readily available here. Indians have talent, skill. what you think about India & Indian politics?